Unspoken Mom Thoughts and Questions

by Michelle on July 18, 2013

in Balancing Life,Parenting & Relationships

mom-questions“Do I ever stop being a special needs mom?’

“Are there times when I can put my own needs before my child’s?”

“Should I expect regular appreciation from my family for being/doing above and beyond what other moms are/do?”

“Moms of kids without special needs don’t get my life”

“Should I feel guilty for wanting to get away from the chaos of every day life as a special needs mom?”

Your answers may be yes and they may be no. They may even be “sometimes.” Most moms aren’t even willing to admit they have such thoughts. Hence, the title of this post, “Unspoken” You are human.

Oops what a shocker. You’ll just have to deal with that :-) We all have moments of feeling unappreciated, over-extended and wipedout. It’s those moments that lead us to question our abilities and priorities as moms. If we didn’t have those thoughts and feelings, we just wouldn’t be normal. That’s why it’s so important to add some balance into our lives.

We need to carve out regular time to be someone other than a mom. If that means taking a day or even a few hours a week to be by yourself, that’s what you need to do. It’s actually critical.

You’re no good to yourself or your family and you become indifferent when you aren’t afforded the time to be a woman, aside from being a mom. As a woman you should be able to feel as such. That could include doing things like going out for a meal without children, enjoying a spa day (or even just a manicure), taking in a movie with girlfriends or going shopping for sexy lingerie.

Whatever it takes, regularly make time for yourself and you will have less and less of those unspoken mom questions pop up. Don’t leave it in the hands of other people to show you appreciation.

special needs mom

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Nellie July 19, 2013 at 2:16 pm

I love the way you balance it all between caring for your child and caring for yourself with your fitness and beauty updates. It’s what made me like this and your other blog. Keep up the good work demonstrating that much needed balance!


Michelle July 26, 2013 at 4:36 pm

Hi Nellie- Thank you for your kind words. Sometimes I “drop things” in this balancing act. I’m still learning how to prioritize and don’t always get it right. I’m a work in progress :-)


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