Stress Freedom Friday: Give it to God

Often times we wind ourselves up in a ball inside over the circumstances in our lives. It’s human nature to do so. That is until youget another nature. God’s nature.

Being a born again Christian, I’m acquainted with the difference between trusting myself and trusting God. Before I was saved, I trusted myself or others – only to be disappointed.

Now, that I’ve given my life to Christ I no longer have to struggle on my own. I can give my problems to God and so can you. That’s not to say that it’s easy or will come naturally all of the time. Casting your problems on God takes practice and a mindset to do so.

Today’s stress freedom tip is one that’s probably the most difficult to implement yet the easiest. It’s difficult to break the habit of trusting ourselves. Therefore, we struggle and we stress. it’s also easy to give all of our troubles to God. All that you need to do is verbally give them to Him.

Tell God that you can’t deal with whatever it is you are dealing with and that you are holding Him to His Word to care for you after casting your cares on Him (1 Peter 5:7).

God keeps His promises too. Unlike people. Give it to God. Whatever IT is.

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XLear Nasal Spray with Xylitol Product Review

Allergies run through my family it seems. Hayfever and animal allergies seem to be the most  popular. I keep an air purifier running in my living room and my bedroom.  Having 2 cats, it’s a must.

Another must is making sure I clean out my nasal passages regularly. That’s why I was thrilled to receive Xlear’s Nasal Spray with Xylitol. Now, here’s the funny part.

This nasal spray was formulated for kids but anyone can benefit from using it.  As blessings would have it, CJ is the only one in the house without allergies.  So, he really didn’t need the Xlear Nasal Spray for allergies.  So, I used it for mine!

I still use the nasal spray on CJ every now and again though because the air is dry in my bedroom and the spray helps him to sleep more comfortably.  As for me, the Xlear nasal spray helps to clear out whatever causes my nose to itch so it’s a good thing I have 2 bottles.

What I really like about this nasal spray is the fact that it has Xylitol in it. Xylitol is beneficial for so many things including:

  • Being a safe substitute for sugar. Inhaling the nasal spray was much more pleasant than inhaling the average saline nasal spray. You could sort of taste the sweetness.
  • Prohibits the growth of bacteria. Can you imagine how much bacteria is in your nasal passage? Xylitol helps prevent the over-growth of bacteria that leads to nose, ear and throat infections.
  • Helps reduce the instances of sinus infections. When used in a nasal spray, Xylitol is greatly beneficial in cutting down the amount of bacteria in the nasal passage that causes sinus infections.
  • Support the immune system. Studies suggest that when taken in small amounts Xylitol can support the immune system by encouraging the growth of your white bloods cells which fight infection.

Xlear’s Nasal Spray is now a household staple of mine. Even when CJ doesn’t need it, I’m happy to use it for relief of allergy symptoms :-)

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Stress Freedom Friday: Cool Light Therapy

Happy Friday!  It’s that time again. Time to provide a tip to help you keep stress at bay in your life.

Sounds so simple right?  After all, stress comes with the territory. Or does it?

Some stress is avoidable.  Let’s focus on a cool way to lighten up your stress load  in a way that’s preventable.

If your stress is a result of a Vitamin D deficiency, light therapy is an effective way to remedy that.  Of course, your doctor will have to confirm if a deficiency is the true culprit.

Vitamin D can be absorbed from simply being outdoors in the sunlight. How cool is that? No fancy gadgets or costly products to buy.  Nature can take care of it.

But what about if the sun is not shining? Then, a SunLight Therapy Lamp can really help.

It’s smart to have a means of light therapy available if you find yourself feeling down in the dumps regularly.

This sunlight desktop lamp simulates sun light. It also triples as a reading lamp and task lamp. It makes a great gift too!

This sunlight therapy lamp increase a release of seratonin (the feel good hormone) so that you can experience an improved feeling of well being.

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Stress Freedom Friday: BINGO

Today’s Stress Freedom Friday (what a great day….end of the work week, start of the weekend) and today’s stress relief tip just requires you to free up a little time to sit and relax with……………….a board game!

Board games can be great stress relievers. They are fun and relaxing. If you’re playing with 2 or more people, it can be even more fun.  You’ll laugh and you may even fuss a bit but all in all it’s a relaxing way to unwind.

Two of my favorite board games include BINGO, Solitaire and Scrabble.

The next time you feel a little stressed, grab a friend or family member and whip out the board game of your liking. Nobody available?  Solitaire’s a good stress relief game too.

PEACE and Happy Friday!

This post is a part of the Balancing Life series of posts

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