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A Delicious and Fattening Food for Stress Reduction

I was reading a magazine the other day and boy did my eyes light up when I read about some foods to eat to reduce stress.

Normally when you read about foods that relieve stress, you expect all the healthy foods to be listed. Fruits, veggies and such. You know.

Imagine my surprise and delight to see that garlic bread helps to relive stress too! Heavy carbs? Really? “Thank God” is all I could think.

Now before you get on me about over indulging in some delicious buttery garlic bread, check out the reasons why garlic bread is good for you:

* It’s been shown to slash stress levels by 39%

* Scientists discovered that the smell and taste of the garlic butter worked together to calm the area of the brain that is responsible
for fear and nervousness.

* Signals are sent to the body to slow down the heart’s rate and also to lower the blood pressure.

The result is a calmer mind and body. I’m game for that. :-)

I’ll share some of the other foods that help relieve stress in future posts. I want to take my time with them because each has a very specific effect on your body that lead to a less stressful life. I’d say that’s worth explaining in a bit of detail.

In the meantime, are there any foods that you find help you feel less stressed when consumed?