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Are There Better Diapers for Older Kids?

At 10 yers old my son is still incontinent. For reasons the doctor’s can’t even figure out, he’s still not learned how to communicate his bathroom needs.

The only current option is for Christopher to wear some form of diapers.  Because he’s not walking, pull up style diapers are not an option. He has wear traditional style diapers for older kids but that close with tape or velcro tabs.

Using Kendall Disposable Briefs

Our service coordinator hooked us up with a medical supply company, Landauer Metropolitan. They provide us with disposable briefs by a brand named Kendall.

While this brand of briefs is popular for incontinent people, I have a few problems with it:

  • Unlike other brands of diapers, the tapes can not be resealed if opened.
  • There is no size that fits completely correctly. The child size is too small and cuts him on the thigh. The next size is adult and it’s way too big.
  • The diapers sometimes leak.
  • While the brand says Kendall on the box, the bags of diapers are clear and unmarked making me wonder if this is some bootleg brand.

After doing a little research I discovered that Kendall brands is now a part of a company called Covidien. Upon browsing their website, I couldn’t even find the diapers I receive! This makes me think that maybe we are getting left over stock because the only incontinent diapers I could find are these:

Seems there’s nothing available for my son’s size and height. Seeing how thin my CJ is, you have to wonder.  If these are supposed to be for incontinent people with special needs, why aren’t there additional sizes to compensate?


I wish I had an alternative to these disposable briefs because while I’ve figured out a way to tape the diapers so they stay on, CJ’s school caregivers have not.  Often, he comes home with his spare change of clothing on.

The message I’d like to send to these providers of medical supplies is for them to be more cognizant of sizing. No one size fits all. Children with physical disabilities are often not “built” like children with no physical challenges. They need to make diapers for older kids who like those with cerebral palsy.

Kids with certain medical conditions may be classified within an age group but their bodies are under developed. Creating a diaper that is adjustable is a potential solution.  An example of an adjustable item to accommodate skinny but tall guys like my CJ is pants from The Children’s Place.

Special Mom – Is your child incontinent? If so, what sort of underpants to you use? Do you find it difficult finding diapers for older kids?

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