Latte & Coffee Mate Lovers: Give Aways!

Attending BlogHer12 was such a great thing. Apparently, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. This time, the gift recipient is you!

coffee give away

The makers of Coffee Mate/Nescafe Mementos have graciously donated a full box of Caramel Latte AND 5 coupons for a free bottle of the new Coffee Mate Natural Bliss creamer!

This is such a generous give away and honestly, had I not been offered these as give away items for my readers, I would have kept it all for myself!

Sorry but that’s how much my husband and I love the new natural creamer and the caramel latte. The good news is I was sent a few coupons and samples for myself so I wasn’t completely forgotten :-)

Now, for the give away. There will be 6 winners. The grand prize winner will receive the box of Caramel Latte Nescafe Memento. 5 additional winners will receive a coupon for a free bottle of Natural Bliss Coffee Mate creamer.

This is right on time for National Coffee Day which is September 29th. That’s when the winner will be announced.

Enter the give away by leaving a comment below. Then, check out the rafflecopter to gain extra entries:

United States residents only.

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$300 Best Buy Giveaway

Best Buy has opened a new website, To kick off this grand opening, you will receive 50% off any photo to canvas print purchase + free standard shipping.  If you didn’t win my last giveaway of a canvas print, this is a great deal to cash in on.  Just use the promo code BLOGLOVE2012 at checkout. Hurry though. There’s also a $300 Best Buy Give away running on their Facebook page.

printcopia canvas prints

Canvas prints make great holiday gifts!

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CLOSED: Photo Canvas Giveaway! – Winner Announced

The WINNER is: Shannon Sander!

Congrats Shannon. Please send me your mailing address on the contact form here.

You have 48 hours to respond before I choose another winner!


What’s better than getting a gorgeous, ginormous sized canvas print of your favorite photo?

Getting a FREE gorgeous, ginormous sized canvas print of your favorite photo! ($67 value)

Easy Canvas Prints  has graciously offered to sponsor a 16″x20″ photo canvas print giveaway!  The photo canvas can include a photo of anything you like . Just imagine your sweet child on a beautiful canvas print.

Or maybe you don’t want a print of your child. The photo could be of anything you like. It could be a photo of your dog, your business logo, some flowers or whatever.

Enter the contest to win here:

Contest rules: This contest will run from Thursday, August 9th through Wednesday, August 29th (my oldest son’s birthday!). All entries via the Rafflecopter will be checked for authenticity. Contest open to residents of the contiguous 48 states in the U.S. and allow you to create customized business cards, banners and signs as well as canvas prints for the home. Their affiliated microsite, sells custom car magnets.

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A Delicious and Fattening Food for Stress Reduction

I was reading a magazine the other day and boy did my eyes light up when I read about some foods to eat to reduce stress.

Normally when you read about foods that relieve stress, you expect all the healthy foods to be listed. Fruits, veggies and such. You know.

Imagine my surprise and delight to see that garlic bread helps to relive stress too! Heavy carbs? Really? “Thank God” is all I could think.

Now before you get on me about over indulging in some delicious buttery garlic bread, check out the reasons why garlic bread is good for you:

* It’s been shown to slash stress levels by 39%

* Scientists discovered that the smell and taste of the garlic butter worked together to calm the area of the brain that is responsible
for fear and nervousness.

* Signals are sent to the body to slow down the heart’s rate and also to lower the blood pressure.

The result is a calmer mind and body. I’m game for that. :-)

I’ll share some of the other foods that help relieve stress in future posts. I want to take my time with them because each has a very specific effect on your body that lead to a less stressful life. I’d say that’s worth explaining in a bit of detail.

In the meantime, are there any foods that you find help you feel less stressed when consumed?

Comment Luv Premium Give Away

There is a hot new WordPress plugin coming soon! Cathy Stucker is giving away a free copy at her book marketing site, SellingBooks. Learn how you can enter and win by visiting Cathy’s CommentLuv Premium giveaway page.

Here’s what Comment Luv Premium Can do:

  • Gets you more backlinks to your blog.
  • Combines eight useful plugins into one must-have plugin.
  • Increases your blog traffic and comments, and builds a community on your blog.
  • Encourages readers to share your blog posts on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
  • Helps to combat spam comments.
  • You can even track your comments on other CommentLuv-enabled blogs.
Find out more here: CommentLuv Premium giveaway

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Free Guides to Help With Managing Stress

Some time ago I put together a number of free guides and special reports to help folks like me with managing stress.

While I’m not the most creative of the bunch, I do pretty well with research. You’ll find the following free resources over at

  • 10 No Fail Stress Relievers to Help You Take Back Control of Your Life
  • Top 5 Natural Remedies to Reduce Eye Bags
  • Mini Guide to Foods for Less Stress
  • Mini Guide to Anti-Stress Exercise
  • Key Areas to Manage for Healthy Stress Levels
Just visit and you can download any of those reports/guides without needing to provide an email address or anything. Each of these are instant downloads.
Please share this page by tweeting it, Digging it, Stumbling It or posting a link to it on your Facebook page. Thanks in advance for spreading the word.

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Miracle in Westchester

The Miracle League of Westchester remains one of my favorite charities for kids with special needs.  During the fall and spring, my CJ gets to partake in America’s favorite past time……Baseball!


Yes, ladies and gents. The Miracle League of Westchester is a non-profit organization for special needs children and adults that enables them to play baseball at a specially designed adaptive field at no cost.  The Miracle League of Westchester was founded in 2006.  Their motto is “Everyone deserves a chance to play baseball.”

The community of families is overwhelming and there are no boundaries from religion, race or any other differences. We are all just there to have a good time and cheer our kids on. It’s the best! Volleyball and Kickball have been added for those who can participate.

This past Friday was supposed to be Movie Night on the Field but the weather “threw us a curve ball.”  Thundering, lightening and torrential downpours ruined it for us so the movie was canceled.  🙁

Well, at least we have Fall ball to look forward to!

To find out more about MLWNY and to donate, visit

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Hospital Stay Checklist for Parents – Free Download

My son has been admitted to the hospital 10 stay checklist

  • Once for eye muscle alignment surgery
  • Once for having the Epstein Barr virus
  • Twice for undescended testicle surgery
  • Twice for bilateral hamstring releases (one of those stays included a hip abductor release) and
  • 4 times for video EEG Monitoring

Each of these times I wish I had some form of checklist to help me get organized (so not like blowing your to do list).

Finally (and yes it took me 10 times), I decided to create one. And because I love my fellow caregivers, I’m sharing it with you.

The best part is you can download it here with no strings attached. That’s right. There’s no need to give me your email address or jump through any hoops to get this checklist.

Us caregivers need to help each other out.  That’s why I created what I am calling the  Somewhat Humorous but Mostly Helpful Hospital Away from Home Checklist.

To make it comfortable for you, I added some commentary and a little humor to some of the items on the list.

Without further ado, you can download it here: “Somewhat Humorous but Mostly Helpful Hospital Away from Home Checklist”

All I ask is that you share it with others.  Tweet It, Stumble It, Digg It and what other way you can think of to point others to this page to get their own checklist.


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