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Hospital Stay Checklist for Parents – Free Download

My son has been admitted to the hospital 10 times.

  • Once for eye muscle alignment surgery
  • Once for having the Epstein Barr virus
  • Twice for undescended testicle surgery
  • Twice for bilateral hamstring releases (one of those stays included a hip abductor release) and
  • 4 times for video EEG Monitoring

Each of these times I wish I had some form of checklist to help me get organized (so not like blowing your to do list).

Finally (and yes it took me 10 times), I decided to create one. And because I love my fellow caregivers, I’m sharing it with you.

The best part is you can download it here with no strings attached. That’s right. There’s no need to give me your email address or jump through any hoops to get this checklist.

Us caregivers need to help each other out.  That’s why I created what I am calling the  Somewhat Humorous but Mostly Helpful Hospital Away from Home Checklist.

To make it comfortable for you, I added some commentary and a little humor to some of the items on the list.

Without further ado, you can download it here: “Somewhat Humorous but Mostly Helpful Hospital Away from Home Checklist”

All I ask is that you share it with others.  Tweet It, Stumble It, Digg It and what other way you can think of to point others to this page to get their own checklist.


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