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How Do I Choose My Toddler’s Shoes

How Do I Choose My Toddler's Shoes

Children at the age of about to start walking, so you should choose shoes for your feet. A good pair of shoes will bring children unforgettable experiences in life and also protect children’s health very well. This article will help mothers have more tips to choose shoe size for 1-year-old toddlers to fit!

The function of a pair of shoes for toddlers

The child’s soft legs will be protected if the mother knows how to choose the right shoes for her. Mothers choose a pair of soft shoes that will fit the baby’s feet to make them feel more comfortable and easy to walk without hurting their feet. 

How to choose shoes for toddlers 1-year-old

Choose size shoes

Mom should note three important factors are the tip of the shoe, the width of the shoe, and the sole of the shoe to buy the right pair for your baby.

For the tip of the shoe, the mother should choose the shoes so that when wearing shoes, the baby’s toes are still 1-1.5cm from the toe of the shoe. If the toe of the shoe is too tight with the baby’s foot, it will cause pain in the toes, if the toe of the shoe is too much, it will make the child unstable to keep his balance.

For the width of the tip of the shoe, Mom also noted the choice of shoes with a width that fits the child’s foot. Your baby’s feet will grow in length and width at the same time, so please take her with her so that she can try on shoes that fit on her feet to avoid them being too tight or too wide.

As for the heel, I check if the baby fits by using the little finger. If her little finger is not threaded on the heel of the shoe, the shoe is too tight for the baby’s feet, if the finger is inserted, the shoe will fit, if the whole little finger is inserted, the shoe is too wide for the baby. Babies wearing shoes that do not fit the heel at the time of walking will easily slip off or tighten the sore feet.

Choose designs for your baby’s shoes

Closed-toed shoes are a good choice instead of buying open-toed shoes for children. Open-toed shoes cover the child’s toes, and when the child falls, the foot injury rate is very high. 

If it is lace, the mother should note that shoelaces are not too long, button shoe clasp will be more convenient for the baby.

Choose shoe material

1-year-old children whose legs are still weak so moms should buy light shoes, soft shoe material, heels have good elasticity, please pay attention to baby skin if itchy or red skin does not avoid the school. suitable baby with allergies.

Particularly for heels, the shoes with too soft heels will make the baby easier to fall than harder heels, mom should not buy shoes with high soles because the baby falls easily, does not keep balance when moving.

The tip of the shoe will have good elasticity for the baby, please press the tip of the shoe to see if the tip of the shoe is deflated and inflated immediately.

The note when choosing shoes for toddlers one-year-old

Please take your baby to try shoes for me when buying shoes. You may not always be able to calibrate your baby’s feet to get them right. Each type of shoe, each brand of a shoe will have its size and characteristics so please pay close attention.

Toddlers don’t need to buy too many shoes, they only need 1 or 2 pairs, so they can get used to a pair of shoes that will help them to walk more firmly.

When giving your baby a try on shoes, look closely at her attitude to see if she is interested, maybe unsatisfactory shoes will make her uncomfortable. Also combined with socks will help your baby not calluses anymore.

A one-year-old child needs a pair of shoes suitable for learning to walk so choose carefully before buying for your baby.