“Stress and pain are closely connected.  One leads to the other no matter the order” Quote by Me


My name is Michelle Howard Smith. I’m the owner of Reviyve, a virtual personal care business.

Growing up most of my life, I had the strange notion that the world revolved around me.  You know. What I wanted & liked.

Fast forward to my 30s and life has changed dramatically.

I was blessed with a beautiful little boy who needed me to be his rock more than the average mom (not that moms are average).

Christopher (CJ as we call him) was born with special needs.  His health challenges have changed me in ways I can’t describe without bringing tears to my eyes.

Why I Started Special Mom Space

That part of me that was so focused on attending to my own needs wasn’t all bad though.

While the world as I knew it no longer revolves around my selfish desires and motives, I can now share my experiences with other special moms who prioritize everyone and everything above themselves.

You’ll find that I share a number of things on this blog including:

  • My life experiences as a special needs mom
  • Tips to help balance and manage stress (including a product here and there)
  • Periodic product reviews
  • Inspiration through Biblical scriptures (every Saturday)

More Than Just A Mom

By far, my family is the most important thing in my life, next to my faith.

However, being a mom of a special needs child is not all that I am.  I’ve discovered how to function as a mom, wife, employee, business owner, and volunteer.  And that’s all without pulling my hair out

Here’s a little bit of random stuff about me (in no particular order):

  • I’m a Bible believing, practicing Christian who is great for God sending His son, Jesus to save this lost world from eternal death.
  • I graduated from Cornell University’s Organizational Studies Program
  • I live a life free of credit card debt and I’m sticking with it after screwing up enough times
  • I have 2 other children, a teenage girl and a young man
  • I’m the founder of Blended Naturals, a handcrafted skin care line for women of color
  • I live in Westchester County with my husband, two of my children and my cat Catherine (who thinks she’s human)
  • I tend to make friends with total strangers, like standing on the line at the grocery store
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and I share the same birthday
  • I have quite a sense of humor and that tends to come out in some of my writings (or so I’m told)
  • My oldest son was born on Michael Jackson’s birthday (may he rest in peace) and was named after him (sort of.  I couldn’t name him Michelle…at least not in America)
  • I volunteered for the Make-A-Wish Foundation for about 3 years

Enough About Me!

Talking about my life brings back memories and while I could go on and on about me, I’m really committed to living this balance life thing with less selfishness.

So, it’s now time to focus on you.

A while back I put together what I call the Stress Less Recipe.  It’s an arrangement of tips delivered by email to help you beat stress and live a more balanced life, with an emphasis on taking time out for you.

Click here to receive your first tip and an extra special gift from me to you.

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