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New York Based Orthotist Creates Best Orthotics Around

Tight hamstrings and heel cords are often a problem for people with cerebral palsy. If the muscles are very spastic, surgery is sometimes done to loosen up these areas. However, if good quality orthotics are used, surgery can often be avoided. That’s why today instead of a product review, I wanted to share more of a provider review.

When my CJ was younger he had to have surgery to loosen his hamstrings. His muscles tightened up so much that by the time he started wearing braces, he needed surgery.  After the surgery, his hamstrings were kept from over-tightening by having him wear HKFO’s (long leg braces). The AFOs are worn daily keeping his feet in a 90 degree angle so his heel cords don’t tighten up too much.

Look how straight his legs are with these orthotics

The Best In The Business (as far as I’m concerned)

Kenneth Lynch of Amken Orthopedics has been making my son’s orthotics for the past 8 or 9 years.  His work is impeccable and he has such a wonderful way with families and making children feel safe and comfortable.

Amken Orthopedics makes CJs AFOs, HKFOs and has in the past made special orthotics for him to sleep in (no longer needed). When Ken makes CJs braces, one adjustment is required after the initial fitting.  I’ve not had any problems with CJ getting red marks which is a great testament to the workmanship. I once has another orthotist make CJs braces (well, the school did) and the work was shoddy. Several adjustments needed to be made and my son still had problems with marks on his skin.

Contacting Amken

Amken is a small family based business. They take the time to do the work right and don’t mass crank out orthotics.

I thought it befitting to share Ken with you. If you are in the New York (Westchester and Rockland County) areas, check Ken out at 845-356-9357.

You’ll especially want to check Ken out if you are not happy with your current provider.

*I was not paid or asked for this endorsement. It’s sheerly my own opinion. Check out some of my other product reviews here.

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