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Stress Freedom Friday: Focus on Someone Else

Stress Freedom Friday Focus on Someone Else

It’s easy to fall into having a pity party when you think that nobody’s problems are as bad as yours. As sad as it may be, that’s not the case. There’s always someone with a situation that’s more severe than yours. I sort of feel bad taking a little comfort in that.

However, you don’t have to feel bad about someone else’s challenges or struggles (I was going to say misfortune but it didn’t seem right). Instead of just taking comfort in the fact that your life circumstances aren’t as grave as another’s, why not lend a helping hand?

Nothing takes the focus off of your own problems and stresses like helping someone else with theirs. You may not be able to do much but you can offer a word of encouragement, a shoulder to lean on or even just lend an ear. Show compassion for another.

One special needs parent to another can relate with each other much better. You never know when you’re going to need someone else to talk to or just vent with. Someone will pay it forward to you some day.

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