Stress Freedom

Stress Freedom Friday: Let It Go

Many times our stress is caused by our inability to let go of the things in our lives that are not benefiting us.

We hold on to things and even toxic people who do little more than steal energy from us. Why do you suppose this is? I think it’s in part to our inherent nature as moms to always try to keep hope alive.

Having the ability to hang on to hope is blessing but can be a curse. Hoping when hope is unrealistic (ex: holding on to relationships with people who are no good for us) causes stress.

So, today examine your life. Who and/or what in your life is causing you undue stress? Maybe you need to let go of a relationship. Sometimes you have to let go of something not human. Whatever it is, be courageous enough to let it go – for your good and the good of your family.

Letting go of toxic people and negative things in your life will relieve a lot of your stress. I don’t know about you but I’m willing and always ready. How about you?

This post is a part of the Balancing Life series of posts.

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