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Stress Freedom Friday: Smell the Flowers

It’s officially summer and there are so many things to do. Fun things for sure but sometimes all the planning and doing of the season can cause you to become just a little overwhelmed. Think about it.

Where do we go on vacation?

Whose going to watch the dog? Or can we bring him with us?

Need to make sure our mode of travel is wheelchair friendly.

Have to remember to make a checklist so we don’t forget anything.

Oh and let’s not forget to renew the prescriptions for all medications. (I’m sooo familiar with this one)

Yes, you should enjoy summer. Have fun with your family. I plan to. But if you start to feel a little stressed how about you take a little time to smell flowers? No really. Do it.

Studies show that smelling the fragrance from flowers causes a reduction in stress levels. Somethings goes on in the brain when the sense of smell is activated with the sooth scents of certain fragrances.

This is really the basis of aromatherapy. For years people have been using “smell therapy” to reduce stress. Before there were aroma diffusers, people would just smell the fragrances directly from nature. If it was good enough for them…

Here are some recommended calming scents (some flowers, some fruit):

  • Lavender
  • Mango
  • Lemon
  • Rose
  • Vanilla

Sometimes it’s not possible to grab your aromatherapy diffuser and essential oils. If you’re outdoors you can walk by a park or stop at a flower shop and just take time to smell the calming scents from the flowers.

Take it a step further and buy/pick yourself a bunch. Nothing tackles stress like a little self indulgence

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