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Thank You to The Children’s Place

Kids with cerebral palsy typically have a hard time either gaining weight or keeping weight on. I shared this in a recent post: Alternatives to Pediasure for Failure to Thrive. Well, now let’s look at another challenge…

On and Off The Growth Chart

When my son was first born, he was way off the growth charts. At 10 lbs 14 oz, he was bigger than the average newborn. As a matter of fact, he was the biggest little guy in the NICU!

Fast forward a year. No, two. He’s older but not much bigger. While my CJ does get taller by leaps and bounds, he does not gain much weight. That creates an entirely different dilemma for us both.

Finding Clothes That Fit

Because CJ is so tall and thin, it’s difficult to find clothes that fit him. If I get a size that fits him in the waste, they are 2 feet too short!  If I get a bigger size to fit the length of his legs, I can fit another child on the inside of his pants.

Belts are not an option because they are usually too big with not enough holes.

The Children’s Place Discovery

While the Children’s Place isn’t really a discovery, they have these pants that are perfect for kids like my CJ.  I love jeans and pants from the Children’s Place because of the way they are made:

They have the elastic band with buttons that allows me to get the pants in the length I need them and adjust the width of the waste so they can actually fit without falling off.


While I have seen jeans by brands like Arizona like this, I’ve not seen any dress pants or khakis like these anywhere else.  If they are out there, they’re certainly not easy to find.

Do you buy clothes from The Children’s Place? If so, what are your favorite buys? Let me know in the comments section.

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