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XLear Nasal Spray with Xylitol Product Review

Allergies run through my family it seems. Hayfever and animal allergies seem to be the most  popular. I keep an air purifier running in my living room and my bedroom.  Having 2 cats, it’s a must.

Another must is making sure I clean out my nasal passages regularly. That’s why I was thrilled to receive Xlear’s Nasal Spray with Xylitol. Now, here’s the funny part.

This nasal spray was formulated for kids but anyone can benefit from using it.  As blessings would have it, CJ is the only one in the house without allergies.  So, he really didn’t need the Xlear Nasal Spray for allergies.  So, I used it for mine!

I still use the nasal spray on CJ every now and again though because the air is dry in my bedroom and the spray helps him to sleep more comfortably.  As for me, the Xlear nasal spray helps to clear out whatever causes my nose to itch so it’s a good thing I have 2 bottles.

What I really like about this nasal spray is the fact that it has Xylitol in it. Xylitol is beneficial for so many things including:

  • Being a safe substitute for sugar. Inhaling the nasal spray was much more pleasant than inhaling the average saline nasal spray. You could sort of taste the sweetness.
  • Prohibits the growth of bacteria. Can you imagine how much bacteria is in your nasal passage? Xylitol helps prevent the over-growth of bacteria that leads to nose, ear and throat infections.
  • Helps reduce the instances of sinus infections. When used in a nasal spray, Xylitol is greatly beneficial in cutting down the amount of bacteria in the nasal passage that causes sinus infections.
  • Support the immune system. Studies suggest that when taken in small amounts Xylitol can support the immune system by encouraging the growth of your white bloods cells which fight infection.

Xlear’s Nasal Spray is now a household staple of mine. Even when CJ doesn’t need it, I’m happy to use it for relief of allergy symptoms

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