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You’ve Got To Get a Butt Bench!

A butt what? You heard me. A butt bench!

When I was first contacted by the owners of the Butt Bench, I thought, “What a funny name!”

Little did i know what a handy item I’d be receiving.

What Is The Butt Bench?

Simply, it’s bench for your butt! You use it in your bathroom.


It’s a high quality wooden bench that’s sturdy enough to support your weight so that you can sit down and relax while you are showering.

You can even use the Butt Bench to store your bathroom beauty products on it.

How I Use The Butt Bench

While I love being able to sit down to complete my shower rituals, I find the Butt Bench to be even more helpful for me to bathe CJ.

CJ has a Rifton Bath Chair which is great but the heavier he gets, it’s a little more difficult to bend over to put him in and out of the tub.

The Butt Bench makes it all easier as it’s much higher up and I can shower CJ with ease. He likes it too since he can sit up like a big boy!

The Butt Bench is very easy to set up and requires no assembly. To find out more and to get your own Butt Bench (available in natural cedar or pine and the colors white and pink), visit

Note: I was not compensated for my review of this product. I received the Butt Bench completely free of charge but am providing my true experience with it.

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